Full Daycare (5+ hours)

One dog: $48

+ $42/additional dog

Half Daycare (<5 hours)

One dog: $35

+ $30/additional dog

Hourly Daycare


Come hang with us for the day! 

We offer daycare by the hour, half daycare (less than 5 hrs), and full daycare (5+ hours). All are sure to yield an exhausted doggo.

Drop-off, play time, pick-up: 

ingredients for a great day.


One Dog: $80

+ $65/additional dog


A day of daycare followed by a slumber party. We are staffed around the clock - 24 hours a day, seven days a week - to ensure that your dog is always looked after and well cared for. 



Boarding pick-ups before 12PM do not incur daycare charges for that day's care!


Prices for boarding pick-up 

after 12PM are as follows:

12PM - 1PM: $15/dog

1PM - 2PM: $30/dog

After 2PM: $48 + $42/additional



Please always keep us updated as your pick-up time changes!






We always prefer drop-offs and pick-ups to be

within our normal business hours; this ensures the smoothest possible transaction with our Front Desk. However, we understand that certain circumstances may require an early D/O or late P/U.

On a case-by-case basis, we're happy to offer a

one-hour grace period before opening and after

closing at no additional cost.

The earliest we can accommodate any D/O is 6am.

The latest we can accommodate any D/O is 7pm.

The earliest we can accommodate any P/U is 6am.

The latest we can accommodate any P/U is 12am.

Any early D/O or late P/U needed beyond the grace period will incur a flat rate fee of $25/dog.

Please contact us to add an early drop-off or late pick-up!


Holidays are our busiest times of the year! To keep up with our high demand and need for increased staffing,

an additional charge of $10/dog/day applies to daycare and boarding reservations on the following dates:


Easter: Friday - Monday

Memorial Day: Friday - Monday

Spring Break: April 1 - 11

Independence Day: July 1 - 5

Labor Day: Friday - Monday

Thanksgiving: November 23 - 30

Holiday Season:

December 22 - January 3​​​​