Full Daycare (5+ hours)

One dog: $38

+ $22/additional dog

Half Daycare (<5 hours)

One dog: $27

+ $17/additional dog

Hourly Daycare


Come hang with us for the day! 

We offer daycare by the hour, half daycare (less than 5 hrs), and full daycare (5+ hours). All are sure to yield an exhausted doggo.

Drop-off, play time, pick-up: 

ingredients for a great day.




One Dog: $62

+ $35/additional dog


A day of daycare followed by a slumber party. We are staffed around the clock - 24 hours a day, seven days a week - to ensure that your dog is always looked after and well cared for. 

While the majority of our guests sleep in the open pens, on beds, or the cool floor, we are happy to accommodate those who prefer their pups to be crated at night. 

Heading out of town? Renovating the house? Need a night to yourself?

DDL has got you covered.






Looking for a shorter overnight stay? Drop off between 3PM-5PM for a few hours of daycare and a sleepover. Pick up before noon the next day for absolutely no additional charge.


A $20 Same-Day-Reservation-Fee does exist for both boarding and overnight stays. Our staffing is directly correlated to our in-house occupancy; as dogs arrive unannounced for overnight stays, we must scramble to find last second coverage to look after your pups. On a situational basis, this fee will be assessed to ensure the safety of everyone present.


Boarding pick-ups before 12PM do not incur daycare charges for that day's care.


Prices for boarding pick-up 

after 12PM are as follows:

12PM - 1PM: $11/dog

1PM - 2PM: $22/dog

After 2PM: $38 + $22/additional


Late Pick-Up

If you must pick-up after closing, an $11/dog/hr late pick up fee will be assessed on a situational basis. 


Please always keep us updated as your pick-up time changes!