What are your business hours?


DDL is staffed 24/7 and our lobby is open during the following hours: 


7AM - 7:30PM



10AM - 5:30PM

Holiday Hours

10AM - 5:30PM

Which vaccinations are required?

Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella are required, though we highly recommend H3N2 Canine Influenza as well. For the Puppy Program, we require Bordetella and at least 2/3 completed rounds of DHPP; Rabies is often completed at a later date and is required once the puppy reaches 6 months of age.  

Is there someone watching my dog 24/7?.

Yes, DDL is staffed around the clock to ensure your pet is always well-attended to.

Can someone other than myself pick-up or drop-off my dog?

Yes, please be sure to provide their full name and phone number in advance.

Do I need to make a reservation?


What are your check-in and check-out times?


What is the minimum age for daycare and boarding?


Are dogs separated by size?


What payment methods are accepted?

Payment is due at pick-up.

How can I get updates about my dog?

Feel free to give us a call, shoot us an email, or direct message us on Instagram. We'd be happy to send you a video of your pup!

My dog drank so much water when they came home, did you offer them water?

What house food is used?

I'd like to bring my own dog food. How do I got about this?