Join the family! 


Interested in joining the DDL Family? Please read the below text to better understand our admission process before completing a new client application. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're always happy to help!


After completing the New Client Application below, we require all potential clients to pass a Temperament Test to gain admittance to Down Dog Lodge. The Temperament Test is designed to determine a mutual fit between the testing dog and our open-cage environment. To be eligible for a Temperament Test, the dog must be over four months old, in good health, free of stitches/staples, have basic obedience, and at least two weeks removed from neuter. Certificate of current vaccinations along with certificate of spay/neuter are also required. For puppies who are less than 6 months old and intact, please see our Puppy Program page. 

*Required* Vaccinations: Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Leptospirosis, CIV K9 Influenza.

Both rounds of each Lepto + CIV are required for admittance + a 7 day waiting period following the final dose. More information made available by LA Public Health can be found here.


Each Temperament Test has two phases on two separate days, $60 per dog ($30 per phase). To begin Phase One, we ask that the owner stays for the initial introduction, which will usually last about 15-30 minutes, where the testing dog is slowly introduced to one dog at a time, with our Supervisor standing by. It is the Supervisor's job to analyze the dog's body language, verbal and non-verbal queues to determine their level of comfort, joy, fear, or aggression. The Supervisor will continue introducing dogs of different temperaments until they have determined the testing dog's comfort in the environment.


Assuming that all goes well in the initial 15-30 minutes, we ask that the testing dog stays in our care for an additional 2-5 hours. This will help solidify any conclusions derived from the first few minutes of the test. Following a pass of Phase One, we require a second day of daycare as Phase Two which consists of a full day of daycare, roughly 5 hours, to solidify the mutual fit between the dog and our environment.


Following the pass of both Phase One and Two, each dog will enter a trial period in which their behavior will be monitored over a series of daycare visits. One full daycare visit after the two phased Temperament Test process is required before boarding, however, we do highly recommend multiple prior visits; in most cases, multiple daycare visits before overnight boarding are very helpful in assimilating the dog into our environment and making them feel as comfortable as possible before staying overnight.

Finally, as dog personalities change just as humans do, we require a retest for all existing clients who have not been into the facility in 6 months or longer. Please call in advance to schedule your retest.

*Upon completion of a Temperament Test and admittance to Down Dog Lodge, please note that your dog may be used in future Temperament Tests*